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Digital Surge for Farming 4.0

Fully funded programme to bring innovation to life

Digital Surge for Farming 4.0

Helen Keys

This program is for all companies across the 11 councils. The programme is to provide expert mentoring on Industry 4.0 subjects. For the farming sector you might recognise it as Smart Farming/Agriculture 4.0.

Here are some of the trends of the Smart Farming/Agriculture 4.0. This is where some of the agri-businesses that are in your groups could be exploring in the future and where the mentoring will help.

These are the subjects that can be covered with a business with an expert mentor.  I can send you some use cases of how these have been incorporated into businesses in Northern Ireland already.
Smart technologies/ smart environments and the Internet of Things (IoT)Process automation via robotics/coboticsBig-data and analyticsImmersive Technologies (AR/VR/MR/Haptics)Artificial intelligence and machine learningDistributed ledger systems/ blockchain technologies
After the mentoring the business will have an acceleration plan that will detail out the plan of how to implement the technology they have been mentored in.  They will also be able to apply for a matched funding of £10k. E.g the business puts up 10K and the government will match it with £10k. This funding can be used for capital equipment for their agriculture 4.0 project.

Companies can sign up here to see if they qualify for the program. The qualification criteria is listed above the form in the link.                      

You can also follow any announcements through our linkedin page if you follow our page:

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