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Farmer Discovery Competition

Show-off your farm this spring through the GrowIN Farm Discovery competition and be in with a chance of winning a herbal ley seed mix for planting on your farm this season amongst a host of other practical prizes.


We know there’s a huge amount of positive steps being taken by farmers across Northern Ireland to improve the sustainability of their farms, but its not always obvious to other farmers and the public, the hard work thats going on behind the scenes. So this spring we’re encouraging farmers to share what they are up to and the positive steps they are taking.


All you need to do is download the GrowIN app and share a photo, video or written post on the competition forum covering any of the following areas:



Dig a hole, look at your soil

One of the simplest things to do on your land where you can discover so much.  Look at your soil structure, colour, texture, root depth, water content etc. 

Take a photo / video and share your findings on the forum.


Worm Counts

While you have dug a hole why not carry out a worm count? A good number of worms per spade full is 15. Although studies have shown 25 can equate to 300 tonnes of fertiliser per hectare per year!

Take a photo / video and share those wrigglers on the forum.



Sward Diversity

Diversity is key when it comes to ultimate soil health and animal health. Have a look around your farm for where the best variety of swards grow or maybe you already have a multi species sward sown.  Why not look at the soil in this area and compare it with your regular pastures, the difference may surprise you!

Take a photo / video and share that beautiful diversity on the forum.


Livestock Grazing

We are all aware now that set stocking is very damaging to the soil structure. What is your grazing set up or plans?  Have you designed some great solutions for water or for fencing your paddocks?

Take a photo / video and share your grazing management on the forum.



Farm Rotations

Rotations can be on your arable fields, your pastures or your horticulture practice.

Maybe you graze cattle then run chickens afterwards? Do you sow an understory of legumes with your wheat? What mixes of veg/plants/trees etc work for you?

Take a photo / video and share how you mix things up on the forum.


Trees on Farms

Trees on farms bring so many benefits, from additional fodder, shelter, pollinator food, nature corridors and improving drainage.  Have you got an agroforestry system on your farm, a tree shelter belt, a woodland, large trees in hedges, or simply got a favourite one you enjoy lazing under in the summer evenings?!

Take a photo / video and show off your trees on the forum.


Enter NOW

Head over to the forum and start sharing images or videos of your farm now!

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