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Food Matters

The future of food on NVTV

Food Matters

Kerry Melville

Our new TV show Food Matters airs tonight!
Tune into Food Matters first episode - Food and Climate - at 7.30pm tonight on Freeview channel 7 in the Belfast area or Virgin channel 159!

We've teamed up with NVTV to provide a relaxed topical food show that explores current food issues, from tackling climate change to sourcing sustainable food and growing regeneratively we're keen to find out what's already here and think about where our food and farming sectors are heading.

Our first episode explores Food and Climate with Kerry Melville Nourish NI (more on this later!), Dr John Barry Queens University and Climate Coalition and Phil Carson RSPB

We'll be discussing the climate bills, sustainable farming and a just transition for everyone in the food and farming sector.We created Food Matters to provide a platform for people working in sustainable food to highlight and debate current issues,within an act local, think global context.

It will enable the growing movement to increase public awareness of food sustainability in NI and broaden our understanding of foof that's good for you and the planet.

The show will air weekly at 7.30pm on Tuesday's for 8 weeks, get in touch if you'd like to be involved in the second series this spring. All episodes will be available on the NVTV website when the series has aired.

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