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NFFN Biodiversity & Carbon Auditing Project

NFFN Biodiversity and Carbon Auditing project

NFFN Biodiversity & Carbon Auditing Project

Helen Keys

Measuring progress will be crucial in moving towards nature- and climate-friendly farming. Up to date data and information will be important in helping all farmers reduce emissions, restore biodiversity and deliver benefits to their business.

On 18th May, as part of Nature Friendly Farming Week, NFFN hosted an event to share the results of their DAERA-funded Biodiversity and Carbon auditing project, which delivered carbon and biodiversity audits to 35 farms in Northern Ireland. We heard from NFFN Chair Martin Lines about the crucial role that this benchmarking will have in changing agricultural systems for the better.

The team presented their findings and highlighted some areas where this valuable data could be used to improve carbon measurement systems. The message was clear - we can't just focus on carbon or wildlife or food security - we need a holistic approach.

We were hosted by Bronagh O’Kane who runs a suckler farm with a small flock of sheep and some rare breed pigs, she's also a self-proclaimed soil biome geek. Bronagh is trying to regenerate her soils, change to native breeds, lower inputs and emissions, and hopefully see an increase in wildlife over time.

Click the link for more info about the results and to see Bronagh talking about her experience.

It was an event full of constructive discussion about a positive way forward for agriculture. The project was funded by DAERA's Environment Challenge Fund.

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