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Hillmount Farm

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We are definitely not mob grazing here as dont have the stock numbers or infrastructure set to do it yet but this is as close as we have come and results are good.

Let grass go to seed in July

Split 6 acre field into 3 paddocks of 2 acres each and stock with 100 sheep and 10 bullocks (all we have). Graze a third, trample a third, leave a third. Or something like that to this,

40 days rest and you have this

And some happy animals getting into the largest cover on the farm at approx 3000kgs DM fresh growth in the shortest time. Most other covers only getting to 2750kgs DM after 60 days.

Definitely shows if you can knock the grass back fully onto the surface and get soil contact with some good trampling then you get good recovery. The rest of the fields which have been more conventionally rotationally grazed has loads of the old whispy stuff, which you'd usually top but we haven't because of the price of diesel and associated emissions.

Conclusion setting paddock sizes to increase stocking density and maximise trample definitely worth it.

Bronagh O'kane


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