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Hillmount Farm

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Looking for ideas for remedial action for a 10 acre multicut silage field. Its compacted with a clay cap after just 3 years since reseed. Looking to alter management to avoid compaction issues long term and make a more productive/useful field.

Getting a spade in is hardwork. Very tight. Lots of surface water in a soupy muddy mush on the surface.

Lots of compaction visible beneath soil surface.

Soil is largely dry 12 inches down.

Management history. 12 years in multicut silage - typically 3 cuts per year. High input with slurry and fert applied for each cut. Often sprayed for docks and chickweed. Yields 12-14t dm/ha. Last ploughed and reseeded 3 years ago. Italian and PRG grass mix.

Currently transitioning field into grazing system with 2 cuts of silage and then grazed in back end by heifers and then sheep have it over winter.

Current concern is compaction and limited to no trafficability in shoulder seasons due to mushy clay soup on the surface. Makes grazing opportunity very limited and high risk with any meaningful rain meaning cattle have to come off. Plus significant run off issue due to capping causing lane erosion and nutrient leaching.

Ideas welcome!


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