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A couple of spring observations...

The sheep are absolutely loving the docks! Having had slurry and cattle on the place for a long time we have built up a huge dock burden in our pastures which has always been tackled with a herbicide, treating the symptom not the cause. While we are still working on the cause its good the sheep are replacing the need for sprays, tucking into the docks and cycling all those nutrients from deeper down in the soil profile. Apparently docks are hyper accumulators of minerals, especially sodium so for the sheep its probably like having a pack of salt&vinegar crisps after a winter eating ready salted.

The grass is starting to get going which is great to see but have definitely noticed (now that I am looking for it) that the grass response rate in the field edges near trees is far greater than out in the middle of the field. More carbon, more fungi and a more balanced living soil. Another big reason why we want to start integrating trees into our fields not just outside of them.

And finally on a less positive note. Alot of slurry going on with the good weather and thats fine. Good time for it. I would expect during the next rainfall event to see evidence of some runoff into the river, but really wasn't expecting to see the slurry cappuccino machiato froth down the river this morning. Assuming as a result of spreading too close to a water course. These are the basic things we have to get right if we're going to be part of the solution to the many challenges facing society. And on top of that with slurry able to provide up to 25 units of nitrogen when nitrogen is £1000+ per tonne then its not just bad for nature but bad for business too.

Sam Millar


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