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Spring grass growth is motoring.

We have decided to go cold turkey on nitrogen on 50 acres of grazing. Growth rates ranging between 40-80kgDM/ha over last two weeks, with covers of 1800-2500kgDM after first grazing by sheep in March/April.

This compares to growth rates of 60-120kgDM/ha on the high input silage ground (Slurry + CAN) with covers ranging from 2600-3800kgDM and no grazing since January.

So its great we still appear to be growing grass despite going cold turkey but I guess the question is how growth rates persist throughout the season. Be great to hear other peoples experiences in terms of grass response to pulling the plug on nitrogen.

Interestingly we are starting to see quite a lot of clover appear in the zero-N grazing ground. Anyone understand why that would be and will it spread/persist? Is it nature's response to grass saying its starved of N?


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